Who is Rocky?


Hello, my name is Rocky Shanehsaz, I am a well known entrepreneur residing in Noblesville, IN. The main focus of my career as a real estate developer is to restore, refurbish and improve properties in the Noblesville community and surrounding areas.

I am the sixth child of 9 in my family. While growing up in Iran, I learned all that I could from my father and older siblings. My father encouraged me to set high goals in life and education was always the top priority in my family. We all knew that education was the one thing the government could not take away from us. Around the age of 15, my father gave me the choice, like he did with all of my brothers, to pursue higher education in the United States, Europe or Iran. I chose the United States.

In December 1977, at age 17, I flew on a plane for the first time to New York City. I never thought I would see so many lights in my entire life! While in New York, I stayed in a hotel where I ate Mediterranean food for the first time while watching the belly dancers provide live entertainment. This was a thrilling and new experience for me to see. I never thought I would get to experience cultures other than my own. From New York, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee. I stayed in Nashville with a foster family for a couple months until I saved up enough money to live in an apartment with my cousin.

I loved school, learning new things and being able to experience them all firsthand. Right away, I got a job working at Beech Bend Amusement Park, earning $2.10 an hour. Eventually, I needed to come up with a plan to make it on my own in the United States. I went to the landlady from whom I was renting the room with my cousin and asked her if there was anything she needed done around the building in return for rent. Later on, I ended up fixing or renovating the entire building, ultimately transforming the building into a very livable place for myself and other tenants.


The story behind the name Rocky originated when I was working for a Country Club at age 17. Every time I introduced myself as "Hassan," I always received puzzling looks. After leaving the Country Club, I knew I needed to come up with an easier name than Hassan. When I went to work for the Red Carpet Inn, I started introducing myself as Rocky after seeing the movie, "Rocky." Many would ask me if my full name was "Rocky Balboa." I would laugh and say, "Yes, I'm Rocky No. 2."